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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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all planned out, point-by-point. a two-page "manifesto" found in the pocket of the u-c merced attacker, tells a all planned out point by point. a two-page manifesto found in the pocket of the uc merced attacker. now facing charges of battery, the man who stormed into alameda city hall and created a scene of violence and chaos was just hours away from a facing a judge. plus, some scheduled track work ready to untrack drivers and commuters in a bustling area of san francisco. "today in the bay" starts right now. it is dramatic because it's friday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it is cool as you step out and we're still in the upper 30s
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in the north bay, once again, this morning. some patchy frost still possible, but 49 deit grgrees n san francisco and the east bay. a touch warmer than yesterday. a lot of sunshine a light wind in the low 70s across most of the bay area while san francisco stays at 65 degrees. we'll take a look at the weekend, which includes some rain coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike and a look at oakland. >> we'll start right here with our beautiful sparkling view of the nimitz freeway. the clearest you'll see it all morning long. construction south of here at san leandro and look at your map as you head up towards the bay bridge toll plaza. a little yellow shows up here and little slowing for the 24, 32 interchange and overnight crew there and no surprises the roadways themselves are open. nice drive over the bay and out of the altamont pass. this is friday. we should see things start up
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later than typical. new details now on a revealing two-page letter the uc merced stabbing suspect detailed the motive for his violent attack. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez is tracking the latest on the story. he was a frustrated teen ager, but he had a plan to kill. >> a lot of the folks who we talked to who said faisel mohammed. when he was kicked out of that study group is when he came up with an elaborate plan to kill. when he stabbed four people on the campus on wednesday, that wasn't the worst of what he planned to do. his attack on a young woman was interrupted and he was ultimately shot and killed by campus police. during the autopsy, investigators found that detailed note you mentioned in his pocket. >> we found a two-page, hand
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written, i'm going to call it manifesto, detailing his projected activities pertaining to the day's events. >> now, the sheriff said in that so-called manifesto, mohammed detald 24 points he planned to carry out. specific students he planned to target, even a script of what he planned to say as he did that. he even wrote of a plan to steal an officer's gun. supplies like zip ties and handcuffs, duct tape and v vaseline. his plan had nothing to do with terrorism. only the frustrating of not fitting in when he was kicked out of that study group. classes will resume today and a vigil planned on campus later tonight. also, he went to wilcox high school in santa clara and there are guidance counselors there to talk with students who feel like they need to have something to say. sam? >> very upsetting, no doubt about that.
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thank you very much, kris. a student is admitting to posting a racist message that sparked this protest at berkeley high school yesterday. the principal said the 15-year-old admitted to posting that message on a school computer. before he confessed hundreds of students walked out of school, marched to the cal campus and demanded an investigation. >> i feel targeted. i feel unsafe. they said public lynching on december 9th. i won't be around december 9th because of the fact that i'm libel to get lynched because i'm black. >> school administrators don't believe the sdent that wrote the message intended to physically hurt anyone, but, still, he could be expelled. it is 4:34 right now. one of the man arrested in the east bay is expected to appear in court this morning. this is video of protesters over a special meeting on affordable
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housing. it happened wednesday night in alameda. the protesting is facing charges of resisting arrest and battery. the city's mayor says she does not consider the officer's actions as excessive force. >> the people that came and demand to speak right then, that is not protocol. doesn't cross line civil disobedience. >> council members passed a 65-day moratorium on represent increases above 8%. happening today in san francisco, work begins on a major construction project tied to the future central subway. crews are working south of market near fourth and king streets which means roads in that area are going to be closed and that could be problematic for lots of people trying to get around in that region. they're installing a special piece of track to eventually connect the underground t line to surface streets starting at fourth street. crews begin that work together and it will continue through
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november 14th. >> we have some automobile detour routes along fifth and barry that we'll put into place and existing revenue lines like the t line will be taken out of service and bus substitution for the next eight days. >> muni is relocating several street car and bus stops in the area until the work is finished. also, the embarcadero line will not run this weekend or next weekend. >> a lot of changes for commuters to take note of there. 4:36 right now. it is friday morning. want to check the forecast. a cool start. >> another cool one with mostly clear skies. a look at the temperatures now. it is 41 degrees in livermore. in oakland 49 degrees and also 49 degrees in san francisco. we still do have the upper 30s in the north bay and there may still be some light, patchy frost in a few areas. another warm day. looks a little bit warmer than yesterday. morgan hill 72 degrees and 69
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degrees in burlingame and the castro. low 70s all across the bay area. some of us stay in the upper 60s. mike? >> love these temperatures, kari. keep it right about here, if you can. looking over here towards the south bay, looking at 101. zoomed in towards the overcrossing there. these folks their taillights just fine and very light. let me show you why we're checking this out on the map and a lot of slowing just around that bend and around the interchange. we investigate that traffic. we're looking over here towards the tri-valley. no problem, no slowing and no surprises for the rest of the bay. back to you. >> i swear mike was on an investigative unit poster. looming over my shoulder. >> up on a -- >> pedestal. >> that will work. i was thinking by the side of the road. billboards. thank you very much. coming up next, the shigella
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outbreak is being contained but now changes coming through the restaurant where it is believed to have all started. cleared to re-open .. the san
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jose restaurant -- that prompted the recent shigella outbreak -- received a green-light to the san jose restaurant that prompted the recent shigella outbreak to reopen. it was shut down after the outbreak that sickened nearly 200 people all said and told across the bay area. the exact cause is still a mystery. the restaurant has been
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sanitized since that point in time and voluntarily dumped out all of its food. 4:40 right now. the recent release of federal medicare data now makes it easier for us to see how billions of our tax dollars are spent on health care. out of all specialists, opthumologists, eye doctors, ranked number one in the total amount of money reimbursed. according to the data, some of the busiest opthumologists practice here in the bay area. after the investigative unit received tips some doctors were recommending what was unnecessary treatment some paid for with your tax dollars we conducted an informal experiment. we took one patient to four different doctors for a diagnosis of her eye health. >> i'm not saying these doctors were liars or anything, but i think it's important to question and get second and third opinions, if there is something that involves a recommendation for surgery or further costs.
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>> tonight at 11:00, the four different diagnosis one patient received and what you should do before agreeing to any treatment. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to coming up next, real estate gold. just take a wild guess at what this 180-foot souped up shack is going for in palo alto. the answer is startling even neighbors who live there.
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it's friday. >> someone had to say it. >> i know, right sph. >> come on. >> a touch warmer than yesterday. >> really nice, though. our weather has been so comfortable during the afternoons and expect it to be more of the same as we go into today, as well as saturday. and then sunday we'll have some rain moving in. i'll talk more about all that coming up. let's take a live look at san francisco. we start out with clear skies and another cool morning and especially for the north bay, we've seen those temperatures dipping into the upper 30s the past couple of mornings. more of the same right now. it's 45 degrees in san jose and it's 49 degrees in oakland and san francisco. 39 degrees in santa rosa. as we go hour by hour in livermore today, it will be 42 degrees at 5:00 and then we'll stay there for a couple of hours and then slowly see those temperatures warm up through the
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rest of the morning. at 1:00, it's 68 degrees. see another beautiful day and for the beginning of november, we really couldn't ask for anything better than this. clear skies for today as well as tomorrow. more clear weather. by sunday we start to watch a cold front moving in and out ahead of that, scattered showers. this is early sunday morning. we may have koppel rounds of this moving through the bay area and another round dropping early monday morning. with that we are expecting at least a pretty good coverage of rain for most of us. the north bay seeing the higher amounts. the closer to 0.2 and then about 0.1 as you head to the south. a look at the weekend forecast. it will be in the upper 60s, lower 70s today. and then by tomorrow we're up to 69 degrees in the peninsula. 66 degrees in there in san francisco drops back to 61 degrees on sunday. so, some cooler weather moving in with that cold front and also a chance of rain.
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we'll keep you up to date on that. how is it looking in the trivalley now, mike? >> we'll give a live look at dublin. this is westbound with all these headlights and typically no problem and slowing out of the altamont and that's what we're seeing here. the map will show you a little bit of slowing we have coming out of the altamont pass right here. eastbound countercommute as you're approaching greenville. sounds like they'll clear lanes pretty quickly. no problemsp into or out of the area. a nice, easy flow of traffic. as we look at palo alto no problems for the peninsula or south bay. it's light, like this. back to you. >> keeping us uplifted on this friday morning. sharing your favorite music on facebook could soon get even easier. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's check in with landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> sam and laura, good friday morning to you both. stocks posted modest losses on thursday ahead of the big
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economic report of the week. the jobs report out this morning could help determine whether the fed will hike interest rates next month. hiring is expected to pick up following two months of sluggish growth. more than seven-year low. the dow, nasdaq down 14. toyota is the latest big automaker to drop takata airbag inflaters. they have been linked to eight deaths where the airbags exploded with too much force. toyota isn't fully abandoning it. it would consider using airbags that use a different chemical. and facebook wants to make it easier for you to share your favorite music. adding a new feature music stories that lets you clip to a 30-second of a clip or song on spotify and you can continue listening to the song but right now available only on facebook
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app. another way to keep you going to that facebook page. breaking new we're covering this morning. fire crews trying to put out a fire on the peninsula. it broke out just about 45 minutes ago at the leslie terrace apartments on belmont. crews called for backup once. we don't know word of injury or damage so far. stephanie chuang is headed to the scene right now. a former bay area man behind a big security scare in washington last spring now poised to plead guilty. in april douglas hughes flew a gyrocopter, you'll remember that, through heavily restricted air space before landing just outside the u.s. capitol. right on the grounds there. now his attorney says that hughes will plead guilty to one felony count operating the copter without a license. hughes was born in san mateo and called his flight an act of civil disobedience. now expected to be grounded in prison for up to three years.
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happening today, presidential hopeful hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will make a rare, joint appearance. for msnbc first democratic forum held in the south. it will take place in the critical early voting state of south carolina. the 90-minute forum will be moderated by rachel maddow and center around southern specific issues. if you have a student loan or any other government-backed debt your phone could soon get flooded with robo calls. tiny amendments will allow debt collectors to robo call cell phones. based on a analysis of more than 50,000 consumer complaints, your cell phone may be targeted even if you don't owe money any more. make sure you hang up on those unidentified numbers. 2 million now, that's how much it will cost to own a 180 square foot in palo alto. that's smaller than a hotel
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room. the one bedroom, one bathroom shack, for all intents and purposes, is 85 years old. it's close to stanford and highly rated elementary schools which may explain partially part of that price tag. neighbors are shocked at the sticker price. >> i cannot believe it. it's crazy. yeah. we moved here in 2011. yeah, house prices have almost doubled since that. >> that shack sits on a 6,800 square foot lot. it is primed for a tear down as laura nods her head because that's the reason behind this. at last check the check is in escrow. some money is close to a deal on it. >> prime piece of property, though. location, location, location they say. 4:51. a special honor for a fallen officer. how his athletic legacy is being honored. talents behind the badge in blue.
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coming up on 4:55. >> just flying by. >> we've seen cold weather to start every day so far this week and turned into beautiful days, kari. >> wae will have another beautiful day. our temperature starting out in the low 50s and as we kngo into the afternoon, expect the temperatures in san francisco to make it it up to 65 degrees and mostly clear skies as we head into tonight. now, with a look at what's happening in the south bay, let's check in with mike. >> first, we'll check the slow down. just off that 101, 280 interchange. easy drive throughout the south bay. dublin interchange looks just fine and an update from chp, it's westbound. commute direction from 580. car fire. the details come in there at the off ramp. little bit of a distraction. we'll track that and the build out of the altamont.
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as we move over towards the bay bridge, nothing unusual there and no metering lights just yet and looking that golden gate bridge for a live camera. we had the crews just leaving that area and getting ready for the morning commute. back to you. >> let's hope it is a light one out there. 4:55. stepping up patrol to make sure pedestrians are safe. that's what the daly city police department will be doing today. trying to catch drivers who don't stop for pedestrians. officers dressed in plain clothing will be crossing the street while officers in uniforms will make sure the drivers don't break the law. this comes after a woman was recently hit and killed while in a crosswalk on mission street. a special honor for a fallen san jose police officer. officer michael johnson was inducted into the police amateur athletic foundation hall of fame last night. the officer's widow accepted the award on his behalf. johnson was a star athlete winning gold medals at the u.s. police and fire championships.
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he was killed by a gunman back in march. christmas is coming early for many children in middletown. the san mateo fire department will be giving new bikes, which firefighters and volunteers assembled to kids who lost their bike in september's deadly valley fire. the valley fire burned nearly 80,000 acres up in lake county, destroying hundreds of homes. nice treat for them. >> that will put a smile on their face. >> i think so. young football players join forces to play for the same team. >> now they're headed to a national championship. oh, yeah, keep it going, boys. the coach of the palo alto night say the two areas merged this year for financial reasons. the knights are undefeated proving they already make a stronger team. >> from day one, it didn't take the kids any time to get to know each other and take them any time to start gelling as a
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group, as brothers, as a team. and they really have done a good job as far as, kind of talked to coaches. >> the football team and don't forget the cheer squad. they're raising money so they can compete for the american youth football championships in florida next month. good for them. >> powers united. coming up next, detour ahead. the major construction going on in san francisco that could change-up your weekend plans. plus, the possible motive revealed. what investigators are saying about a manifesto left by the bay area teen who went on a stabbing rampage at uc merced. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. all planned out, point-po
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go further than what he did. all planned out point by point. a two-page manifesto found in the pocket of the uc merced attacker tells a story on how he intended to harm many more people. scheduled track work ready to untrack. drivers and commuters in a bustling area of san francisco. a live look at san jose. why these people are lining up so early in the cold temperatures. they might be sleeping. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning to
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you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're here to wake you up, if we don't, the temperatures probably will. things will warm up, kari. >> slowly warming up throughout the day. you step outside right now, it is like a slap in the face, it will wake you up. now in the upper 30s in the north bay and we to have some 40s else where across the bay area with mostly clear skies and a light wind, especially in san francisco. heading into the day, absolutely gorgeous, perfect temperatures. 70 degrees and degrees in san francisco. but, overall, a great way to wrap up this week. and we'll have some rain in that forecast. i'll detail that coming up. let's check in now with mike and is it looking good at the bay bridge? >> look, the bay bridge. it looks great, kari. see the city of lights over there from the emeoryemoryville camera. mild back up and just a couple cash payers waiting over at the toll plaza and we'll show you the maps. crossing the bay is not a


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